Bareilly City at a Glance

Bareilly, a city of Indian state Uttar Pradesh, with above ten lakh population is located on the banks of river Ramganga. This historical city is situated 250 kilometres east of the national capital, New Delhi, and 252 kilometres north of the state capital, Lucknow. The city is known as Nath Nagari (Land of Lord Shiva temples) and historically Sanjashya (where Buddha descended from Tushita to Earth). Very famous and old spiritual shrine ‘Khanqah-e-Niyazia’ which is the nodal centre of Sufism is also situated here. Bareilly is considered to be a hub of furniture manufacture as well as a major centre of grain, cotton, and sugar trade in this area. The city is also famous for its Zari work (a type of embroidery or fabric decoration), ‘Jhumka’-an intricate ear-rings or ear-pendants, ‘Surma’ (kohl) and Manja (the glass powder coated kite flying and fighting string).

Though Bareilly region (known as Panchal in Vedic and Mahabharat Period) has a strong scholarly tradition and boasts of names such as Prayahana Jaivali, Pratardana, Gargayayana, Uddalak Aruni, Yajnavalkya of Vedic era, the modern education set its foot here in 1837 with foundation of Bareilly College. Rohilkhand University was established in 1975. The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) was made a deemed university around same time. Central Avian Research Institute is another research institute situated in Bareilly. The Clara Swain (Mission) hospital was the first hospital in Asia for women and children while Rohilkhand Medical College and SRM medical college are the medical colleges in the city.

With a large food-loving population, Bareilly has many strange sounding, well-known eateries, which follow the age-old tradition of naming the cuisine after the creator. ‘Deenanath ki lassi’, ‘Chhotelal ki tikki’ and ‘Chaman ki chat’ are few among many age old established eat-outs.

From archaeological point of view the district of Bareilly is very rich. It was during the first excavations at Ahichchhatra (1940–44) near Ramnagar village of Aonla Tehsil in the district, that the painted grey ware, associated with the advent of the Aryans in the Ganges–Yamuna Valley, was recognised for the first time in the earliest levels of the site. Nearly five thousand coins belonging to periods earlier than those of Guptas have been yielded.

In recent past, Bareilly has given three eminent personalities- Waseem Barelvi (world renowned Urdu poet), Priyanka Chopra (former Miss World and famous young Bollywood actor hailed from this city) and Imran Khan (won a Gold medal in Shooting in the 19th Commonwealth games held in New Delhi).

The city lies in Gangetic Plains and experiences a moderate climate. In the month of October the weather is pleasant and temperature hovers between 20 and 30C. Bareilly is well connected with all metropolitan cities in the country by an efficient network of roadways and railways. The nearby airports are at New Delhi and Lucknow.